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Iran takes Russia to arbitration court
Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:16AM
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Iran has filed a complaint with at the International Court of Arbitration against Russia since Moscow has failed to honor its agreement to deliver S-300 rockets to the Islamic republic, Press TV reported.

The Islamic Republic has filed the lawsuit with the Paris-based International Court of Arbitration to pursue the matter legally nine months after Moscow abrogated the contract to ship S-300 air defense systems to Tehran.

“The International Court of Arbitration in Paris settles international commercial disputes, and since the Russian company (responsible for the S-300 ontract) is non-governmental, we filed a complaint with the court in order to compensate our losses.” Chairman of Iran-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Committee Mehdi Sanaei told Press TV,

The $800 million S-300 contract was signed in 2005 and Iran made an initial payment of $166.8 million to receive 65 S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems by 2007.

Russians delayed the delivery until September 2010 when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated that Moscow would not implement the terms of the agreement under the pretext that the system is covered by the fourth round of UN Security Council resolution against Iran.

Experts say the S-300 missiles can solely be used to defend industrial areas and government and military bases, and therefore do not fall under the sanctions imposed on Iran according to Resolution 1929 of the UN Security Council.

Although, Russian officials said they were surprised by Tehran's decision considering the “traditionally friendly nature of their bilateral relations”, the agreement clearly stipulates that if one of the two parties fails to stand by its commitments, the other may file a suit with the international court.

The Islamic Republic insists that the legal pursuit of the case will clarify the fact that delivering the S-300 rockets does not violate the Resolution 1929.

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