Tuesday Aug 23, 201106:58 AM GMT
Venezuelan army reports plots against armed forces
Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:0AM
Ricardo Rojas, Press TV, Caracas
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The Minister for Defence, General-in-Chief Carlos Mata Figueroa has reported that military intelligence works show that the Venezuelan Armed Forces are the target of the opposition attempts to sabotage their efforts to keep united, and so prepare the ground to overtake the government.

We have information on the destabilisation plans that the weakened contra-revolutionary right-wing have come with in Venezuela, but it's going to be difficult that they make it

The minister has ruled out the possibility of another coup like the one staged in April 11, 2002, when a number of high-ranking officers requested Chavez to resign and allegedly held him hostage in a Venezuelan island, from where he was believed to be rescued by loyal military members.

The government is proving to be nervous. The only conspiracy to take place is that of the democratic will of people who will put their votes in a ballot box in December 2012.

Many believe that the Venezuelan Armed Forces became politicised in President Hugo Chavez administration, and are now part of the president's campaigning force. The alleged growing discontent among the military towards the socialist ideology is also an element that makes many believe Chavez might have opponents within his lines.

Mata Figueroa claims that the right-wing factors have contacted military officials to repeat the scenario of Altamira Square, which was taken in 2002 by a party of dissident officers who earlier supported the April coup. The insurrection lasted over a year and was seconded by political parties and private media.

The political debate during the past few months has become fierce, with both sides accusing each other of having a hidden agenda for the 2012 presidential elections. Although military officials have said that they will go ahead with implementing the constitution, many believe that in case of a destabilised scenario they would play the most important role by supporting just one political ideology.

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