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'Iran ready to send peacekeepers to UK'
Commander of Iran
Commander of Iran's Basij Force Mohammad-Reza Naqdi
Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:52PM
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Commander of Iran's Basij Force says it is ready to deploy peacekeeper forces in London as the unrest in the British capital drags on despite tightened security measures.

“The Ashura brigades of Basij forces are ready to be deployed to London as peacekeeping forces,” Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi said on Thursday, Fars news agency reported.

Naqdi criticized the British authorities for their harsh crackdown of protesters and describing them as rioters and hooligans.

“Unfortunately the crimes and violence of the autocratic British kingdom continues against the country's deprived [population] and not only the advice of well-wishers has no effect on the conduct of the regime's repressive police force but we witness the deprived people of this country are being called a bunch of thieves and looters,” he regretted.

Naqdi expressed disappointment with the UN Security Council as invariably supporting oppressors.

“If the UN General Assembly approves, the Basij Organization is ready to send a number of Ashura and al-Zahra brigades to Liverpool and Birmingham as peacekeepers to monitor observation of human rights laws and deter use of force,” he added.

Naqdi referred to UK Prince Williams' lavish wedding and the high cost of its live coverage and described the recent uprisings in Britain as the result of “big mistakes” by British officials and warned them of even more severe consequences.

“This is the beginning if the road and the UK regime has to pay the price for the massacres in Africa, wars and bloodshed in the Indian peninsula, crimes in China, the fall of the Ottoman Empire and bloody conflicts among Muslims and followers of other faiths,” the brigadier noted.

He said the uprising in Britain even if oppressed at this stage is far deeper than a political unrest or factional conflict to be resolved easily.

“This wound will come to a head elsewhere…The people of Britain have awakened and will definitely take their rights back,” he stated.

Naqdi condemned the use of violence against protesters in Britain and deplored the killing of Mark Duggan, 26, who sustained injuries in a shooting spree by armed officers in Ferry Lane in Tottenham last Thursday.

The father of four was killed after police stopped the minicab he was in to carry out an arrest as part of a pre-planned operation. Meanwhile, ballistic tests have indicated that Duggan did not fire at officers before he was killed.

Naqdi recalled remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who had earlier warned of similar revolutions in Europe as those in North Africa and the Middle East.

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