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Iran: Israel ranks first in cyber terror
Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taqipour
Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology Reza Taqipour says Israel ranks first in planning cyber terrorism against other nations in the globe.

Taqipour told reporters on Wednesday that the Israeli regime ranks at the top of governments that sponsor various forms of state terrorism, including cyber terror, Mehr news agency reported.

He said that the Tel Aviv regime was the symbol of state terrorism, adding that the regime takes the lead in spreading malwares across cyber space.

He added, however, that Iran has taken appropriate counter measures, including the establishment of a cyber command, to control and foil cyber attacks targeting the country.

The minister's comments came in response to reports that Israeli military is plotting to wage a major cyber war against Iran by setting up a military cyber command.

The new cyber command, which has been designated as central to 'defense capability' of the Israeli regime, would directly report to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The new command center, supported by the military, has already conducted a series of "soft" espionage missions, including hacking into Iran's version of Facebook and other social networking sites, the report says.

A source with close knowledge of the cyber war preparations said that Israel has two principal targets in Iran's cyberspace, which are stopping Tehran's nuclear program and its civil infrastructure.

Iran says it fully monitors cyberspace in order to counter soft warfare against the country.

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