Friday Jul 22, 201101:59 PM GMT
Thousands stage anti-govt. rally in Cairo
Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:0PM
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Pro-democracy Egyptians protesters shout slogans against the ruling military council in Cairo's Liberation Square on July 22, 2011.
Thousands of Egyptians have gathered in the capital's Liberation square for another mass rally to demand an immediate end to military rule in the country.

Following the Friday Prayers, protesters took to the streets, calling for the trial of former dictator Hosni Mubarak and his regime officials.

In a speech, Cairo's Friday Prayers leader urged protesters to continue their rallies until their demands are met. He called for change in Egypt's political system, constitution and parliament.

"The last time we met, we had hoped there would be a government that would express and implement our demands," AFP quoted the preacher as saying.

"But for a reason we don't know, they insist on subjecting us to members of the old regime," he told worshippers.

Demonstrators also urged the new military rulers to put an end to the trial of civilians -- many of whom were arrested during the 18-day revolution.

The demonstrators demanded the trial of police officers accused of killing hundreds of protesters. They are angry with military rulers for failing to speed up the promised political reforms.

"This government does not in any shape express our aspirations for the revolution," said Tareq al-Khouli, a leader of the April 6 movement.

"We don't understand why they are being so obstinate about keeping former Mubarak party members, rather than replacing them with respectable people," the activist added.

Egypt's military rulers have changed more than half the members of the cabinet in an attempt to appease the public. But protesters say the concessions are not enough.

Half of the ministers in Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's newly reshuffled cabinet are those who have served under Mubarak's regime.

Experts say Sharaf has limited powers under the military rulers of the country.

The developments come as tensions grow between political activists and the ruling military. The protesters are calling on Field Marshal, and de facto president, Hussein Tantawi to step down.

Following Mubarak's downfall, the military council took over in Egypt. Many Egyptians believe the council is trying to derail the revolution.

Demonstrators call for an end to the military council's rule and demand that they go back to their barracks and hand over power to a civilian government.

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