Sunday Jun 26, 201112:48 PM GMT
'Iran seeks new ways to fight terrorism'
Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:49PM
Interview with Alireza Jahangiri, Head of Iran's legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran
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Iran has held the first International conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism in Tehran, accompanying high-ranking delegates from other nations and international organizations.

Alireza Jahangiri, Head of Iran's legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran, discusses the aims of the conference and shares his views on the future outcome with Press TV.

Press TV: How effective do you think that this conference can be?

Jahangiri: You know the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a long standing victim of terrorism, has always been trying to use all its potentials to contribute to an international fight against terrorism. This conference is another true manifestation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's political will in combating terrorism.

Today in our conference in Tehran, we have the support of many delegations who have participated in the conference, and the approach that we have selected, and the Iranian approach, has been supported by most delegations in the conference.

The proposal made by the [Iranian] President [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad was supported unanimously by all the delegations in the conference.

I think in the future, if we go ahead with this kind of efforts, we can consider the effectiveness of the conference.

Press TV: The way it is portrayed in the world when I monitor a lot of the main stream media, it seems as though the only terrorist acts have taken place in the 9/11 in the US, the 7/7 in the UK, and the others [that have occurred in other] parts of the world are [mainly] ignored, be it in the Middle East, be it in Africa, be it in South America, where many, many terrorist attacks have taken place and continue to take place. What about in Iran itself …. ?

Jahangiri: As I have explained at the beginning Iran is one of the long standing victims of terrorism. If you look at the 32 years after the Islamic revolution, you can see more than 16,000 of innocent Iranian civilians have been terrorized and killed by the MKO, Monafeghin [Khalgh Organization], in Iran. And now they [MKOs] are under the support of some other countries in the western bloc, in the European Union, and America.

And this is double standard, an approach which is not acceptable in any country, and this what the West do regarding this issue, I mean the terrorism.

Press TV: What would you say, because there will be many people living in certain countries where they have been under the influence or under a different impression. When you say that 15 to 16,000 innocent people have been killed in this country, would you say the world has not covered these murders? Why wouldn't the world and the main stream media cover something like that; not only in Iran but we know in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and so on in other countries where many people are killed regularly due to terrorism. But it seems that it's not really touched upon, why do you think that's the case?

Jahangiri:This is what I am saying, selective policies. You saw today the message of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The leader mentioned different issues that has happened in the Islamic and also in the Middle East area, and that has not been covered because it's double standers, as I said, and it selective policies. They are not going to mention those civilians who are in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and some other countries, being killed by the bombs of America, being killed by the western and NATO forces.

This is what we can see and so we should change this scenario, we should have another bloc; the countries that participated in this conference, they all encourage and all support a new approach toward terrorism. And this can be continued by the countries in the region who participated [in the conference], which are more than 50 countries and also some international and regional organizations, which support the new approach, and the new way toward the terrorism.

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