Tuesday Jun 07, 201105:34 PM GMT
Militants torch NATO tankers in Pakistan
Tue Jun 7, 2011 5:36PM
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NATO oil tankers on fire in Pakistan, file photo
A powerful explosion in the troubled northwestern Pakistan has destroyed five NATO tankers carrying supplies for the US-led foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Officials say the blast occurred in a parking area at Torkham border crossing, where the tankers go through customs before crossing into Afghanistan, a Press TV correspondent reported on Tuesday.

The cause of the explosion is unknown. No one has claimed responsibility for the incident so far.

Militants frequently set fire to convoys carrying supplies to US-led forces in Afghanistan.

The attacks have prompted US officials to seek alternative routes for the supplies bound for the foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Violence has been increasing in Pakistan's northwest tribal belt following the 2001 US-led invasion of neighboring Afghanistan.

A series of bombings as well as other attacks have claimed thousands of lives across Pakistan over the past four years.

Militants say the attacks on NATO convoys are in response to non-UN-sanctioned US drone strikes inside Pakistan.

However, the attacks on NATO supply convoys did not stop the US military from carrying out unauthorized drone attacks inside Pakistan's territory.

Washington claims the airstrikes target militants. However, figures show the attacks have led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Pakistan since 2008.

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