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'US leaving big mess in Pakistan'
Tue May 31, 2011 4:55PM
Interview with Liaghat Ali Khan, professor from Washburn University, from Topeka
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Relations between Washington and Islamabad have become tense after a US operation in Abbottabad in which al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed.

The Pakistani government said the attack was conducted without its prior knowledge or authorization.

In an interview with Press TV, Liaghat Ali Khan, professor from Washburn University, tells us how, in the name of hunting militants, the US is forcing its foreign policies on the Pakistani nation.

Press TV: The US once said that it would not apologize for its previous unilateral raid in Pakistan, and later said they would not hesitate to conduct more raids in any country that would not respond to US calls for operations against al-Qaeda. Professor, what does it mean for other countries, particularly Pakistan?

Ali Khan: I think the US is asserting global jurisdiction, or what is called universal jurisdiction over the militants who are fighting against the US. This is a very questionable international doctrine which allows states to exercise jurisdiction over certain matters regardless of territorial boundaries. So this is a brand new rule that the US is launching in international law.

Press TV: The so-called Kalashnikov culture is creating security problems for Pakistan. Do you think the federal government in Pakistan is addressing the root causes of this problem?

Ali Khan: No. I think the Pakistani federal government is completely confused, and it has no policy right now. I think the only policy that it has is that it is going to follow the US policy in the region. Whatever the US tells the [Pakistani] government, the government, with some reluctance, is ready to do it.

I think Pakistan is in a big mess. Pakistan is going through a civil war. The United States, even though it is leaving in July, is going to leave a big mess in both Pakistan and Afghanistan that would linger for years to come.

Press TV: Is Pakistan sliding to a failed state situation?

Ali Khan: I don't know what is meant by a failed state. I think for many, many years we are hearing this concept that Pakistan is a failed state.

I think what I would like to say is that Pakistan is a dysfunctional state in the sense that it fails to protect its national interests, it fails to boost its economy, and it fails to deliver to the people their basic needs of everyday life. So, in that sense it's a dysfunctional state.

And I think this will continue because of very confused, and contrary to national interest policies.

Press TV: There are suspicions that the US is encroaching towards a nuclear power in Pakistan. How do you see the US aims and objectives in Pakistan?

Ali Khan: It is unclear. I think it is not clear whether the United States would like to denuclearize Pakistan because denuclearization of Pakistan would create a big problem in the region.

It would completely destroy the balance between India and Pakistan. It would also completely destroy the balance between China and Pakistan on the one hand, and India and other countries on the other.

I don't think denuclearization of Pakistan is in the interests of the region or of global peace and security even though nobody likes Pakistan to have nuclear weapons - partly because Pakistan is unstable and partly because Pakistan is a Muslim state.

The world is not ready for an Islamic state to have nuclear weapons.

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