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'Spain protests will not turn violent'
Mon May 30, 2011 4:34PM
Interview with Nacho Penche, a documentary filmmaker in Madrid
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Spain's anti-government protesters have promised to remain in Madrid's main square in protest at the country's political establishment.

Thousands of angry protesters against the government's austerity measures and growing unemployment rate raised hands on Sunday to vote for staying in the Puerta del Sol square.

Press TV interviewed Nacho Penche, a documentary filmmaker in Madrid, concerning the current anti-government protests taking place in the capital.

Press TV: Could you possibly foresee in Madrid getting as violent as some Arab countries and the protests that occurred there?

Penche: No, there is no way that we can become that violent, because that is one of the principles of our movement. People here have decided to stop playing the game of police and state repression, basically.

So, what we are doing is acting as democratically as possible. We all go to the square to say what we don't agree with, but we are giving an example to the entire world and everyone, and there is no possibility of us making any violence towards the police.

We see in Barcelona that it was definitely the police that became violent. Protestors were holding books in their hands and say that they were students and that they wanted a change. That was it basically.

Press TV: Do they have the financial means of giving the people their requests?

Penche: Well, that's what we are working at, at the moment. We have been staying the whole day deciding if we are leaving or staying. The main goal is just to make four of points clear and pass them on to the parliament, pass them on to the government to see if they listen, to see if they are doing anything.

And we are acting totally correct all the time, I mean, four points have been given to the politicians, and we have to wait to see if they are going to listen to us or not, and then we will take further action, but always without violence.

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