Tuesday May 24, 201108:10 AM GMT
Americans protest Netanyahu AIPAC speech
Tue May 24, 2011 8:11AM
Mike Kellerman, Press TV, Washington
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They came to hear Netanyahu, Jewish-American members of AIPAC but were met with jeers from protestors who used political street theater, messages on signs, large banners, and verbal confrontation with AIPAC delegates to make a visual spectacle of opposition to the prime minister of Israel's speech.

They marched up and down as AIPAC delegates looked on in astonishment and here, in anger as this Jewish American invited to hear the prime minister confronted protesting American Hasidic Jews who say Netanyahu is bad for the Jewish people.

One AIPAC delegate complained the media pays too much attention to the protestors, so we talked to him.

This man dressed as a Jewish settlement on occupied Palestinian land said he's tired of his tax dollars going to Israel.

Inside the hall, thousands of Jewish Americans stood for the pledge of allegiance and the key speaker.

Protestors weren't impressed saying Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace in his rejection of Obama's suggestion Israel and the Palestinians renegotiate using pre 1967 6-day war borders.

Netanyahu speaks next before a joint session of congress heavily lobbied by AIPAC to remain committed to the Israel.
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