Wednesday May 18, 201110:20 AM GMT
British media versus Irish opinion
Wed May 18, 2011 10:22AM
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British Queen Elizabeth II's tour of Ireland comes as the public opinion in the Republic considers her as the commander-in-chief of the British armed forces and responsible for the occupation of part of the Irish soil.

What is also evident in the Irish society is that people are most cynical about the Queen as the person who has personally pinned medals on the Paras who murdered 14 unarmed civilians on Bloody Sunday. She has never said she was wrong, let alone she was sorry, for that.

The four-day visit by the British Queen to the Republic of Ireland comes exactly 100 years after the last time a British monarch paid a visit there and the British and Irish media are trying hard to tell their audience that the trip is a huge step forward toward normalization of ties between the two countries.

This is while, many people in Ireland believe the first visit by a British monarch since the Irish gained independence in 1929 is nothing more than a show to pretend everything is fine despite what the Irish call the occupation of Northern Ireland and its separation from the other parts of the main Irish territories.

What is more, is that many analysts have serious doubts about the claim that Queen's visit marks a new era in the relations between Britain and Ireland.

They consider Queen's recent move to grant Prince William the title of Baron Carrickfergus in disputed Northern Ireland following his ostentatious wedding ceremony as a clear message to Ireland that the North belongs to Britain and will remain so; a message that will not be easily acceptable to the Irish.

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