Monday May 16, 201104:49 AM GMT
Canadians rally on Nakba Day anniv.
Mon May 16, 2011 4:50AM
Zahra Jamal, Press TV, Vancouver
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Many people came out to join the May 15th movement in Vancouver, as part of what's known as the Nakba Day, to commemorate victims of Zionist aggression in Palestine.

May 15th is the day David Ben Gurion proclaimed the creation of Israel in 1948. The Nakba commemorates Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed from over 500 Palestinian villages. Water wells were poisoned, houses and fields were burned and there were massacres.

Protestors told Press TV Palestinians are still living in terrible conditions.

They also say Israel's policy of occupaiton is backed by the Canadian government.

many are eagerly awaiting a date to be announced for the Tahrir, a 25-metre boat carrying 45 activists, including humanitarian delegates from across the country, high profile Canadians, and journalists, to set sail with Freedom Flotilla 2.

So far the fundraising committee for the boat has raised $270,000 and aims to make it $300,000 by June.

Organizers have called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all members of parliament to ensure the safety of the humanitarian convoy to Gaza. Israel has threatened to use force against the Tahrir and any other ships sailing with Freedom Flotilla 2.
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