Sunday May 15, 201112:01 PM GMT
UK given green light for more N-plants
Sat May 7, 2011 9:58AM
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An investigation has given the go-ahead to the UK government to build more nuclear plants despite warnings of health risks by environmentalists.

An investigation into the incidence of childhood cancer in Britain over a period of 35 years said it did not find any increased risk of leukemia among children living near nuclear power plants, reported The Independent.

The independent committee of scientists that carried out the study investigated 13 nuclear power plants across Britain but failed to find one that has a statistically significant "cluster" of childhood cancers among families living nearby.

The findings come although a team of scientists appointed by the government to review the possible link between nuclear power stations and childhood leukemia has acknowledged that there could be some risk.

They said, however, that the risk is "extremely small, if not zero.”

Professor Alex Elliott, chairman of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation and the Environment and a distinguished medical physicist at Glasgow University, said that the estimated extra radiation dose from a nearby nuclear power plant amounts to just 0.0065 percent of the dose typically received from natural and medical causes combined.

Environmentalists warn this means people living near power stations are facing health hazards because of exposure to radiation, no matter how small.

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