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UK Royal wedding to cost $48m
Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:0PM
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British lavish royal wedding of Prince Williams and his wife-to-be Kate Middleton is to cost British nationals more than $48 million.

It is widely believed that the $48-million cost of the royal wedding on April 29 at London's Westminster Abbey would be paid by British citizens rather than the royal family itself.

Despite being in an atrocious economic condition, Britain will hold the extravagant wedding, for which the UK royal family can certainly afford to pay, since the family reportedly owns billions of pounds.

In addition, the declaration of April 29 as a national holiday will cost Britain about $9.6 billion.

In the past months, Britain has faced many anti-government demonstrations, protesting against the coalition government's austerity measures. The people were totally against the government's spending cuts that resulted in the closure of many public centers and services.

As there is only two weeks to the date of the royal wedding, many British citizens are angry at the plan, wondering why the government has been backing the event in the current economic situation of the country.

In spite of the massive discontent, the government has not made any changes to the wedding's finances so far.

While British nationals are facing job losses and the economic recession, the royal couple is to receive $48 million from the taxpaying people in order to use it for their lavish and impressive wedding.

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