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Iranians rally to support ME uprisings
Iranian students burn a US flag during a protest in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran, April 11, 2011.
Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:16PM
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Crowds of people have staged a street rally in southern Iran in support of the wave of Islamic Awakening in the region, condemning the violent repression of protesters in Bahrain.

Scores of demonstrators from different walks of life took to the streets in the city of Ahvaz on Friday in a show of solidarity with the revolutionaries in Arab nations, IRIB reported.

Demonstrators condemned the brutal crackdown on protesters by Bahraini security forces, which are backed by Saudi-led Arab mercenaries.

The protesters chanted anti-US and anti-Israeli slogans during the demonstration, which ended with a statement condemning the crimes by Bahrain's ruling Al Khalifa family.

“We declare our full support of the righteous uprisings of nations in the region, especially Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain, and warn the oppressive and radical regimes in the region that if they refuse to meet Muslims' legitimate demands, their dictatorships will soon come to an end, as God has pledged,” the statement read.

The statement further lashed out at the use of violence by the Al Khalifa regime against its own people and the collaboration of Saudi Arabia in the brutal crackdown, and blamed the US and Israel for implicitly supporting the repression.

“The brave people of Bahrain, with their crushing response, will soon make the occupying Saudi regime regret its criminal act,” the statement added.

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