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Iran to build fence at Pakistan border
The mountainous border region between Iran and Pakistan.
Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:50PM
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Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says the country is rapidly constructing a fence on its border with Pakistan.

“Barrier and road construction along the border [with Pakistan] is being carried out in the impenetrable mountainous terrain [in southeastern Iran] with precision and quality,” Vahidi was quoted by IRNA as saying on Thursday.

The Iranian defense minister said the border barrier would prevent villains from crossing into the Islamic Republic and would help the region realize its economic potentials.

The Pakistan-based group Jundullah has been known to cross into Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan province to carry out terrorist attacks.

On December 15, a terrorist attack took place at the Imam Hussein Mosque in the province's Chabahar city, where people were commemorating the martyrdom of the third Shia apostle, Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi was arrested by Iranian intelligence forces in February 2010 and executed in June for 79 counts of crimes, including armed robbery, bombing operations and armed attacks on police and civilians.

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