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Sarkozy popularity at record low
French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:26AM
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A new opinion poll shows that more than seven out of 10 French people are unhappy with the performance of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The survey, conducted by the French Institute for Public Opinion, proved that only 29 percent of respondents approved Sarkozy's actions in March compared with 31 percent in February, Reuters reported Saturday.

This is Sarkozy's worst approval rating since the incumbent French president took office in 2007.

The poll also found that half of those surveyed are dissatisfied with the performance of French Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

However, the survey said the drop in Sarkozy's popularity does not mean that the opposition would have done a better job if it was in power.

Earlier on Friday, the French president asked one of his Muslim advisors for his call on Muslims to quit the governing UMP party.

Abderrahmane Dahmane, who served as Sarkozy's diversity advisor, is opposed to a planned UMP debate on Islam.

The debate — scheduled for next month — is on the compatibility of Islam with the rules of the secular French Republic.

On Thursday, Dahmane compared the situation of French Muslims to that of Jews during World War II and said the debate had been planned by a "handful of neo-Nazis."

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