Tuesday Nov 22, 201101:21 PM GMT
Saudis plan pro-democracy rally
Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:6AM
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Saudi security forces
People in Saudi Arabia's eastern Qatif region are planning to hold a rally in support of the Libyan revolution and the uprising in Bahrain.

The organizers have called on people to come out on Friday at around noon to show solidarity with the people of Bahrain and Libya.

They have also urged government forces to avoid any provocation on the day of the protests.

Eyewitnesses say security forces have entered Qatif region to stop any possible pro-democracy protest.

Thousands of people have said they are prepared to attend the protests after Saudi youths named March 11th the Day of Rage on social networking website facebook.

On Wednesday, Saudi King Abdullah suddenly announced a series of benefits for his citizens following revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

King Abdullah introduced a package of social and economic overhaul amounting to USD 10.7 billion.

He also granted pardon to some prisoners indicted in financial crimes and ordered the implementation of a 15-percent pay hike for state employees as well as an increase in the cash available for Saudi housing loans.

Analysts believe the huge hike in benefits introduced by the Saudi King is actually intended to avert an uprising in the country.

In recent weeks, a wave of revolutions and pro-democracy uprising has spread in the Arab world.

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