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Pakistanis support Egypt revolution
Pakistani protesters hold anti-Mubarak placards during a protest rally in Karachi.
Mon Feb 7, 2011 4:49AM
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Hundreds of Pakistanis have taken to the streets in support of the revolution in Egypt as millions of Egyptian protesters continue to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Carrying anti-Mubarak signs, the protesters in the Pakistani cities of Islamabad and Karachi on Sunday called on the Egyptian people to continue protesting until the embattled president ends his 30-year rule.

Pakistani demonstrators, including men, women and children, also demanded Mubarak's immediate resignation.

"This rally is in support of the chivalrous people of Tunis and Egypt who have risen against the US stooges that have been imposed on them by the Americans," said one of the demonstrators in Karachi.

"Mubarak must go. Mubarak go to hell," the Pakistani protesters shouted on Sunday.

The protesters also burnt US and Israeli flags in protest to the Mubarak regime.

Hostility toward the United States is widespread among the crowds as they hold Washington responsible for Mubarak's thirty-year rule.

Despite talks between the opposition and the government on Sunday, millions of Egyptians continue their anti-Mubarak protests across the crisis-hit country.

Egyptian people are massing in Cairo's Liberation Square, calling for a regime change. Protesters are flooding into the heart of the city despite heavy military presence.

This comes after the opposition parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood, held talks with the government over the current stalemate in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's main opposition group, also says the regime's proposed reform plans are not nearly enough. The Muslim Brotherhood says Cairo has failed to address many of its demands.

Leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei says he was not invited to the negotiations.

Since the start of uprising in Egypt on January 25, which was inspired by Tunisia's revolution, more than 300 people lost their lives and thousands more sustained injuries during anti-government demonstrations.

The demonstrators say they won't leave the streets until Mubarak steps down.

Jordan, Yemen and Algeria have also been directly inspired by the wave of uprisings in the Arab world.

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