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'Britain trying to halt Press TV Ltd'
Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:43PM
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Wikileaks documents show that the UK has concentrated its efforts on halting Press TV Ltd from making programs critical of Western Imperialism.

In an article released on January 16, 2011, British journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth charts UK's efforts support the US in halting the company who sells documentaries and series to the Iranian channel of the same name.

In an article entitled The Secretive Campaign to Halt Press TV in the UK, Booth, former British Premier Tony Blair's sister-in-law, says the Israeli-backed pressure began since the company started its activities four years ago, in an effort to “use Ofcom as some kind of offshoot Hasbara body.”

Letters of complaint written by people linked to the Israeli Embassy in London and its supporters were sent to the broadcasting monitor, whenever “Press TV, broadcast a news items shedding light on the thuggery, blackmail and racism inherent in Israeli government policy.”

Complaints about programs such as Remember Palestine pushed Ofcom to uphold minor criticisms, but the most recent attempt to besmirch the veracity of the program was so feeble that Ofcom dug its heels in, Booth wrote in her article.

Remember Palestine and Comment, hosted by George Galloway have also been the target of complaints due to their public exposure of Israeli war crimes done with more depth than any other broadcaster.

As the complaint letter campaign has not been much successful, hacking of emails, facebook accounts and mobile phones were used to cause tensions between colleagues.

This is while Press TV Ltd is subject to UK Law, registered in England & Wales at Companies House, and run by a British Chief Executive, generates tax revenue for Britain and provides work opportunities for people at a time when unemployment is high, Booth continues.

Having failed to find any legitimate problem with the quality or content of the programs produced by Press TV, the Wikileaks report clearly shows that the British government has got no other way but to shut the company down, Booth warns.

The National Westminster Bank, Commercial Banking office froze Press TV Ltd's business account without any prior notice last month and stated that the accounts would be permanently closed in February 2011.

A similar banking problem happened to the Palestinian charity Interpal two years ago, since their account with Islamic Bank of Britain has no external clearing facilities.

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