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Iran deplores EU double standards
Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:36AM
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Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Ahani
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Ahani has criticized the "unfair and unjustifiable" move by the European Union to impose sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

"Such measures will have no impact on the will of the Iranian nation to resist and defend its legal rights," said Ahani in a Wednesday meeting in Tehran with chairperson of the Iran-Germany parliamentary friendship group Elke Hoff, IRNA reported.

He criticized the fabricated image and propaganda waged by Western media against Iran and called on the German official to render a more "appropriate and factual" image of the Islamic Republic in EU countries.

Ahani pointed out that the EU maintains an "inapt" approach to the issue of human rights and bases its claims on biased and malicious media reports and double standards.

Hoff, for her part, said that issues pertaining to human rights are mainly politically-motivated and added that few countries observe human rights entirely.

She stressed the importance of exchanging parliamentary delegations between the two countries and said her visit to Iran is aimed at bolstering bilateral cooperation.

The German official praised Iran's rich culture and civilization and noted that the Iranian nation has played a leading role in establishing human civilization.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with German Director General for Near and Middle Eastern Affairs Andreas Michaelis, Ahani cautioned against unilateral sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic by the EU.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister said European firms would lose Iran's market through the unjustifiable sanctions imposed by the 27-nation bloc.

"If the European Union corrects its approach, it can still count on Iran's cooperation in promoting its policies in the region," he emphasized.

Ahani welcomed exchange of visits between Iranian and German officials, saying it would prepare appropriate ground for mutual understanding and help the two countries improve relations.

The EU sanctions against Iran came in the wake a fourth round of UN Security Council sanctions on Tehran over its civilian nuclear program.

The US-engineered sanctions resolution was followed by unilateral sanctions by the US, the EU and a number of their allies and major trade partners.

While Iranian officials have repeatedly insisted that the country's nuclear efforts are purely civilian, as verified by numerous inspection reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Israel and its Western allies argue, without any proof, that Iran may also be pursuing a military nuclear aim.

Israel, widely believed to be the only country in the Middle East that possesses over 200 atomic warheads, has refused any international inspection of its nuclear activities, but has never come under scrutiny of the powers that seek to stop Iran's civilian program.

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