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Iranian woman says US tortured her
Mon Nov 1, 2010 3:36AM
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Shahrzad Mir-Qolikhan and her twins before her arrest
An Iranian woman detained in the United States since 2007 says she is innocent and she has been tortured in prison.

Shahrzad Mir-Qolikhan made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Press TV from prison.

“The US government invited me for governmental business… They even took a ticket for me… They put me in handcuffs at the airport and put me in the prison and started to torture me in every possible way,” she said.

Mir-Gholikhan, then just 26 years old, was arrested in the US in 2007.
Her ex-husband, Mahmoud Seif, allegedly tried to export night-vision goggles to Iran from Austria.

But she was detained and sentenced to five years in prison by a Florida federal court in his absence.

The single mother of two has now been in prison for nearly 3 years.

Her young daughters met with US national Sarah Shourd before she left Iran.

Bauer and Fattal, both 27, along with Sara Shourd, 31, were arrested on Iranian territory in July 2009 after illegally crossing the border from the mountains of northern Iraq's Kurdistan region.

They were later charged with espionage after Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi found "compelling evidence" that the three US citizens had actually been cooperating with US intelligence agencies.

Iran released Shourd on bail of $500,000 in September, 14 months after her arrest. The decision was made "because of the detainee's health condition," Jafari-Dolatabadi said.

The US has detained several Iranian nationals on charges of violating the US-imposed sanctions against Iran.

Contrary to the harsh treatment of Iranians in US custody, the detained US citizens were treated well, despite the fact that they are facing very serious charges.

Iran allowed their mothers to travel to Iran and visit their children, a decision that Iran said was made due to humanitarian concerns and in accordance with the tenets of Islam.

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