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Bomb blast kills dozens in Iraq
The scene of a bomb blast north of Baghdad, file photo
Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:13PM
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At least twenty-five people have been killed in a massive bomb explosion north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, police officials say.

Seventy others were also wounded after a huge bomb exploded at a busy coffee house in the city of Balad Ruz in Diyala Province in central Iraq on Friday.

Some reports suggest that the attack targeted a gathering of local residents inside the building.

Women and children are among the casualties.

Iraq has been suffering attacks on an almost daily basis in the chaos that followed the US-led invasion of the country in 2003.

On Wednesday, three Iraqi policemen were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the Hamreen region of Baquba city, in Diyala province.

Iraq's Monitor of Constitutional Freedom and Bill of Rights revealed on Sunday that 231 people were killed and 601 others wounded in the explosion of IEDs across Iraq in 2010.

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