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More Blackwater shootings unveiled
A Blackwater employee, file photo
Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:49PM
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The latest Wikileaks files reveal 14 unreported shooting incidents against Iraqi civilians, involving those by an infamous private security firm working for the US military.

Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, rose to notoriety in 2007 when guards opened fire on a busy square in central Baghdad, killing 17 Iraqi civilian.

However, the leaked documents suggest 10 more civilians were killed and another seven were wounded by the US security contractor's employees in the suppressed incidents.

Washington had hired the firm under a 465 million dollar contract to provide largely unregulated mercenary services in Iraq. The contract was not renewed in 2009 after Baghdad refused to license the group.

On Oct. 2, Afghanistan also officially banned eight foreign security firms, including Xe Services LLC, from operating on its soil.

The announcement came a day after the Obama administration revived Blackwater's Afghanistan contract for another five years. The firm had also signed another contract worth USD 100 million with the CIA five months ago.

In December, a US court dismissed murder charges against five Blackwater guards involved in the 2007 incident. The case was dropped for prosecutorial misconduct.

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