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Americans protest police brutality
Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:38PM
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Demonstrations organized by the October 22 Coalition, with the aim of seeking an end to police violence, have been held across the US for the 15th year in a row.

Thousands of people participated in protests in major cities in the US on Friday.

Organizers of the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation say the situation is getting worse.

In Detroit, people demanded justice for Aiyana Jones, a seven-year old girl who was shot to death by police officers during a raid on her home.

In Los Angeles, people held a rally, where riots broke out in September, in response to the killing of Manuel Jamines, a Guatemalan day laborer.

LA resident Alicia Alvarez, whose son Jonathan Cuevas was shot in the back by police officers, participated in the demonstrations.

"There are other methods of dealing with suspects. My son was running away from him, so I don't think my son was an immediate threat, so he could have used a taser or he could have used rubber bullets, but instead he chose to use a fire arm and kill my son," Alvarez told Press TV.

"The problem is not a problem with individual officers. We don't believe in the concept of that there are a few rotten apples on the tree. We say the whole orchard is rotten," Bilal Ali, an event organizer, told Press TV.

LA Police Sergeant Mitzi Grasso responded by saying that "We have over 3 million calls for service a year, and so very few end up in any type of violent encounters… and our review process is so thorough."

The Coalition published the second edition of the book Stolen Lives, documenting over 2,000 cases in the 1990's alone.

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