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Iran refutes Afghan cargo report
Thu Oct 7, 2010 5:17PM
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The Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Fada Hossein Maleki
Iran's ambassador to Afghanistan has dismissed claims that 22 tons of explosives seized by the Afghan officials were smuggled from Iran.

On Tuesday, some foreign news outlets reported that the Afghan police had seized the explosives in a customs office in the Afghanistan's western province of Nimroz that borders Iran.

"According to the Afghani officials and one of the officials of the Nimroz province, the cargo belonged to an Afghan and had been transited to Afghanistan from China," Fada Hossein Maleki said on Thursday.

"The cargo was investigated and it turned out that its contents were fireworks not explosives," Mehr news agency quoted Maleki as saying.

The Iranian envoy dismissed the report as a “sheer lie”, adding that the report was possibly a plot to damage Iran's good relations with Afghanistan.

The Afghan officials have expressed regret that the cargo had been linked to Iran, Maleki said.

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