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Iran envoy to Iraq denies backing Maliki
Mon Oct 4, 2010 3:36PM
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Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar
Iran's ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar denies supporting the nomination of incumbent Nouri al-Maliki as the next Iraqi prime minister.

On Sunday, some news sources reported that Danaeifar was the first person to congratulate al-Maliki for his nomination as the final candidate of the Iraqi National Alliance (INA), saying al-Maliki would be the leader of the next government.

"I did not talk with the media in this regard, and I have made no comments about the nomination of Mr. Maliki," Danaeifar told ISNA on Monday.

“The comments I made … were about what happened in Iraq on Friday,” Danaeifar added.

Iraq's newly-formed National Alliance (NA) -- a merger of Maliki's Shia-led State of Law coalition and the Iraqi National Alliance (INA) -- announced Maliki as its candidate for the premiership on Friday.

“This development is a turning point for exiting the deadlock over the formation of Iraq's government,” Danaeifar said.

"Saudi Arabia was the first country to congratulate Nouri al-Maliki….The Islamic Republic of Iran, me and other Iranian officials have made no comment regarding the nomination of Mr. Maliki as the candidate of National Alliance," Danaeifar concluded.

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