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'US supports sedition movement in Iran'
Sun Oct 3, 2010 12:56PM
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Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Esmail Kowsari
An Iranian lawmaker censures the US for imposing sanctions against eight senior officials of the Islamic Republic, saying the move was aimed at reviving the "sedition movement."

“The US government is compromising its reputation by imposing new sanctions on Iran everyday,” head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Esmail Kowsari told IRNA on Sunday.

He went on to accuse the US government of being the architect of the sedition movement and said, "The Iranian nation understood this well and [therefore] came to the scene with authority and foiled the plots hatched by the enemies."

The Iranian lawmaker reiterated that the US move to impose additional sanctions on Iran would bear no fruit.

"These moves are in line with [the US-waged] psychological warfare, which it (the US) itself knows [that sanctions] will be ineffective," Kowsari said.

"The unilateral US decisions against independent and free countries violate … international law," he added.

Kowsari went on to say that the US government will use any means, carry out "every measure" and breach all international regulations to achieve its goals.

The remarks came after the US government imposed sanctions on eight senior Iranian officials, accusing them of human rights abuses during the post-election unrest following the 2009 presidential election in the country.

The executive order, signed this week by US President Barack Obama, imposes financial and travel restrictions on Iranian authorities in question.

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