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Greece to restore Aristotle's school
Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:36PM
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Aristotle's school, Greece
Greek archaeologists are preparing to restore the ancient school outside the walls of old Athens where Aristotle taught nearly 2,500 years ago.

According to Athens News Agency (ANA), the site was discovered in downtown Athens 14 years ago.

Greece is planning to open the school as part of an archaeological park and build an outdoor museum with a translucent roof over the site.

Aristotle lived from 384 to 322 BCE studying under Plato and tutoring Alexander the Great. In 335 BCE in Athens, he taught in the grounds of the Lyceum, which was a meeting place and public sports complex.

The ancient school was demolished by Roman General Lucius Cornelius Sulla in 86 BCE and rebuilt later.

The site remained hidden until it was rediscovered during excavations for Athens' New Museum of Modern Art in 1996.

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