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Fire aircraft crashes in Canada
Sun Aug 1, 2010 5:49PM
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Two members of a Canadian water-bombing plane have gone missing after their aircraft crashed while battling British Columbia's wildfires.

Officials say the Conair rescue helicopter was on its way to the crash site on Saturday night but was not able to reach the ruins because of dangerous conditions.

"We couldn't see anything. The fire engulfed the crash site," AFP quoted Dom Lassonde of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria as saying.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada are on their way to the site, said Conair spokesperson Rick Pedersen.

Three hundred and eighteen forest fires have been burning across British Columbia since Saturday, with the largest covering 25 square kilometers.

Air tankers, helicopters and heavy machinery are supporting over 1,000 firefighters battling the blaze on the ground.

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