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Life in exile after mass exodus
Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:27AM
Broadcast Date: 17 March 2013 Watch on YouTube
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Thousands of Myanmar Muslims have fled their ancestral land since the Buddhist government is not accepting the growing Muslim community.

Thousands of families have succeeded to flee but many more are left with nothing back in Myanmar. They have been confined to refugee camps without even basic facilities.

Meanwhile, those who have left Myanmar live in asylum condition, which is not good for any human being. There are thousands of families that have settled into different parts of India without being given the status of refugee.

Not only Muslims but a complete race of Rohingya Muslims is getting cleansed ethnically. The children of these people have become rag pickers, women are hospitalized because of trauma and men are suffering from stress disorders.

On this week's INFocus, we discuss why there is no international support for Rohingya Muslims and what role the West is playing in this crisis.
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