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Iran's new biopharmaceuticals
Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:13AM
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Medicines like food and weapons are considered as strategic commodities; they directly affect our lives. Safe and effective healthcare is chief concern world over.

That is while many drugs in the market are two-edged swords that may kill or cure depending on their degrees of side effects.

Therefore, a natural remedy with no harmful side effects, as a dream, still haunts men of medical science. However, in recent decades giant strides have been made in the field of medicine offering a glimmer of hope to millions of patients.

The advent of biological medical products has kept the dream alive. Biologic medical products or simply biologics are medicinal products such as a vaccine, blood or blood component, gene therapy, tissue, recombinant therapeutic protein, or living cells that are used as therapeutics to treat incurable diseases.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry is regarded as a lucrative market that can beef up countries' economy. In this regard, the United States accounts for almost half of the global pharmaceutical market, with $289 billion in annual sales followed by the EU and Japan.

It is predicted that the global pharmaceutical market will more than double in value to $1.3 trillion by 2020. The industry is the third biggest industry in terms of added value.

This edition of the show features Iran's developments in the field of biopharmaceuticals along with its most recent achievements.
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