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Iran's subway system
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Traffic congestions, pollution and rapid population growth are all making life more difficult in megacities around the world. At the same time the facilities available to the public are attracting people living in smaller urban areas to migrate to big cities.

With a growth in population, comes a growth in the size of the big cities and with it mayoral problems for the residents.

Iran is a country with the population of more than 75 million, most of whom living in big cities such as the capital Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz and Shiraz.

Every days millions commute between their homes and workplaces either inside those cities or outside using public or private transportation.

The influx of people during the morning and evening rush hour causes hour long traffic jams on streets and highways flowing in and out of them, resulting in heavy air pollution and a rise in fuel consumption, not to mention the inevitable waste of time.

As people started to get to their destinations later and later and as the air pollution started to get worse, the Iranian government embarked on a plan to make it easier and cheaper for commuters to make their daily journeys.

The plan included building tunnels, bridges, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines and subway systems in Tehran and other big cities.

This edition of the show focuses on the construction of the underground rapid transit system in Iran’s big cities.
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