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This edition covers: 1) Bandar Torkaman 2) Traditional Dishes 3) Qeshm Island V 4) Iranian Bread
Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:45AM
Broadcast Date: 22 July 2012 Watch on YouTube
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In this edition of the show the following reports are shown.

1- Bandar Torkaman - In this feature Saman Kojouri will show how people of Bandar Torkaman perform their rituals and traditions when it comes to wedding, carpet weaving and local music.

2- Traditional Dishes - In this part of the program Pedram Khodadadi will introduce two Iranian traditional dishes, Kallepache and Dizi, which are also famous around the world.

3- Qeshm Island V - This week Bianca Rahimi will report on scuba diving and the underwater world in Qeshm Island.

4- Iranian Bread - In this episode, Arash Khalatbari will introduce the most famous breads in Iran including: Barbari, Taftoon, Sangak and Lavash.
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