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Do the Norway terrorist attacks unveil a new fascism in Europe?
Fri Jun 8, 2012 10:39AM
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Anders Breivic, the biggest mass murderer in Norway’s recent history, is on trial. On a per capita basis, Norway lost many times more innocent lives than the US did in 9/11 or the UK in 7/7.

He used his right to address the court to warn against what he called the “Islamisation” of Norway. He claimed that his action was an act of “self-defence” against what he called “state traitors” who opened Norway to multiculturalism.

His tropes such as “Eurabia” that in far-right literature refers to the “Arabisation” of Europe, alarmingly resonates even with supposedly mainstream politicians.

Nicolas Sarkozy in his campaign for French presidential election, fuels the anxieties over immigration and the influence of Islam. He even promised to ban halal food in state schools.

Believing that a religious minority is an “internal threat”, a threat to so called “Western civilisation” and to its ethnic purity and the idea of “treacherous corrupt elite” are familiar themes for anyone who knows about the history of fascism in Europe.

Only this time, the “international Jewish conspiracy” and the Jewish plot to dilute European racial stock has given its place to Muslim’s “demographic jihad” in far-Right rhetoric’s.

The fascism of 1920s and 1930s used the already existing anti-Semitism in Germany to get the public support and win the elections. It looks like their successors today, use Islamophobia in pretty much the same way.

This week’s Islam and Life asks: Do the Norway terrorist attacks unveil a new fascism in Europe?
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