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Al-Ahvazi Terrorist Groups in Khuzestan
Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:23AM
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This is Hamidiyeh, a small village that by all accounts should be a rather uneventful place, but it's not.

The tranquility of the beautiful blue sky and green landscape is occasionally shattered by the sound of explosions, followed by a whiff of gunpowder, and the mourning ceremonies that often follow.

The people of Iran's Khuzestan province are not unfamiliar with war and terrorism. It's nothing strange to hear a friend or neighbor has been killed by a group or individual, claiming to be a protector of the Arab people.

24 years has passed since Iraq attacked Iran, but it seems Saddam Hussein's footprint is proving hard to erase. Every now and then a group with the same fanatical ideas raises its ugly head and takes out an innocent Arab.

These radical ideas have been dragged through history down the decades to the present day and now branded firmly on the Arab psyche.

They have no choice but to sit and wait for the radicals to eventually peter out. It is unlikely that will happen any time soon, as long as members of these very tribes, in the name of their tribes, try to secure their own interests.
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