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Politics of Strait of Hormuz
Broadcast Date: 31 Jan. 2012 Watch on YouTube
The Persian Gulf is surrounded by 8 countries. It's the third largest gulf in the world, and geopolitically is of paramount importance.

68 percent of the world's known resources of gas and oil come from this region. And it's through the Hormuz Strait, a chokepoint 21 miles wide, that all goods oil and gas going to and from the Gulf must pass through.

It's the only exit point into the open ocean, and at least one ocean-liner passes through every ten minutes.

Iran flanks the whole northern coast of the Persian Gulf. That means it has jurisdiction over a large part of it, and therefore must play a major role in guaranteeing the region's security.

In this edition of the show we will be looking into how the Strait of Hormuz plays into the politics of today.
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