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Foreign Secretary David Lammy supports immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Britain's newly appointed Foreign Secretary David Lammy leaves Downing Street, following the results of the election, in London, Britain, July 5, 2024. Photo: REUTERS

Thousands of demonstrators have converged in the British capital London to demand the new government end the UK's complicity in the US-Israeli genocide in Gaza. 

It may have been a wet day, but there was no stopping the demonstrators amassed in London calling on the British government to end the US Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Regardless of the rain, you know, if you feel some pity, what we need to remember is what the Palestinians are going through, and that is unimaginable horror.

 So you know, tents filled with water, so this is nothing (compared to their plight).

Rehang Ali, Former Independent Parliamentary Candidate

The 16th of its kind since October last year, the protest has attracted tens of thousands who have come out to send a message to the incoming Labour government.

The public were calling for a ceasefire long before the Labour Party started to move in that direction.

We also now know that public opinion backs a ending of arms sales to Israel. So we're going to be pressing all of those demands.

The purpose of today's March was to bring 100,000 people right to the door of Parliament as Keir Starmer moves his furniture into number 10, to say we're going to hold your feet to the fire.

Ben Jamal, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

As the first foreign policy announcement the new Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, has announced his support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, saying he'd do anything diplomatically to help the US President Joe Biden bring that about.

British policy is written in the (US) State Department.

It should be written here because the British people overwhelmingly don't want to be supporting the ongoing destruction of Gaza.

We don't want to be arming Israel.

We don't want to be complicit in these crimes.

James Schneider, Communications Director, Progressive Intl.

Britain is complicit in crimes that the protesters say the incoming Prime Minister is an enabler of.

Early on in the genocide, Keir Starmer, defended what he called Israel's right to cut off food and water to the Palestinians in Gaza.

A comment that earned him severe criticism and cost his party swathes of votes which helped five pro Palestine independent candidates win parliamentary seats in the general election.

One of those candidates is former Labour leader and lifetime Palestinian rights advocate, Jeremy Corbyn.

Is it right, that this country should facilitate a supply of weapons through the RAF base of Akrotiri into Israel?

Jeremy Corbyn, Independent MP

The election campaign may be over but the protesters on the streets of London say that their campaign to end UK complicity in the US Israeli genocide will continue with urgency and with renewed determination.

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