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Bahraini protesters determined to achieve goals: Analyst

This file photo shows protests in Bahrain.

Press TV has interviewed Saeed Shahabi, a political analyst, about protests in Bahrain for the establishment of democracy in the country.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Looking at the years of these protests still not dying down, how do you foresee this going in terms of it having an effect and especially for the release of some major opposition figures?

Shahabi: I think these protests indicate that the people of Bahrain are determined to achieve their goals. The goal is to free this country from this hereditary dictatorship. You cannot have this dictatorship ruling the country anymore after what they have done in the past five years.  

Now we see these daily demonstrations in many areas, at least 30-40 demonstrations every week in the country. Now we also have a lot of people being arrested, at least 30-40 every week and this is in addition to the trials that have sent many people to jails, to life imprisonment, to execution and so on.

So the Bahrainis are there to say that the old history must go whether it is in Saudi Arabia, in Bahrain because this region is being ruled by these oligarchies that are corrupt, that are backward, and that have sold the sovereignty of the region to the Western world especially to the United States.

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