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Psychopaths in US provoking ‘open war’ with Russia: Draitser

The US military plans to deploy troops to Ukraine this spring to train four companies in the Ukrainian National Guard, according to the commander of US Army Europe.


An American political activist and analyst says the psychopathic leadership in the United States is provoking “an open war” with Russia that could be disastrous for the entire world.

Eric Draitser, the founder of, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on a report which says the US military is planning to deploy troops to Ukraine.

“It is certainly not the first time historically that the United States has done this nor would it be the last time. But, right now at this time of heightened tensions between the US and Russia, for the US to formally acknowledge that it is sending military forces into Ukraine CAN ONLY BE REGARDED as an escalation,” he said.

According to the commander of United States Army Europe, the US military plans to send troops to Ukraine this spring to train four companies in the Ukrainian National Guard.

The US has already earmarked $19 million to help build the Ukrainian National Guard. Lt. Gen Frederick Ben Hodges led a US command delegation to Kiev on Wednesday to begin evaluating the situation in Ukraine’s restive south-eastern regions.

Draitser said that Ukraine “has been split apart. It’s been torn apart at the seams by a Nazi oligarch regime in Kiev that is bankrolled and supported by the United States.”

The US and its allies accuse Moscow of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russian forces. Moscow has long denied involvement in Ukraine's crisis.

The Kremlin has described Washington’s foreign policy on Ukraine as “aggressive” which “fails to meet present-day realities and demonstrates that the United States actually wants to dominate the world.”

“Is the United States purposely escalating this conflict? Are they doing this for military purposes only, or are they doing it to provoke Russia into a military response?” Draitser asked. “This is the single most dangerous policy that the United States could be following.”

“To provoke an open war with Russia over Ukraine is to essentially cause disaster for the entire world, certainly for Europe. And, I think, that better than anything else illustrates the psychopathic behavior and the sociopathic mentality of the leadership in the United States and in the West,” he added.

Ties between Washington and Moscow have deteriorated over the crisis in Ukraine after pro-Western forces ousted the country’s president Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014.

The US and the European Union have already imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia, including visa bans and asset freezes.


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