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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is More articles by Dr. Barrett
There is one country that really needs a pro-democracy coup d'état: the United States of America, writes Kevin Barrett.
Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:36AM
Reports that the co-pilot of a missing Malaysian plane made a phone call exposes the hollowness of earlier claims about 9/11, says Kevin Barrett.
Tue Apr 8, 2014 11:31AM
The real culprits behind Syria gas use shall meet their reckoning, says an analyst.
Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:1PM
The leaked audio file revealed that Turkey was not looking to provoke an attack on Syria but launch the attack itself, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:32PM
If Netanyahu attacks Iran and can drag the US and Russia into the war, this week could witness the end of the US Empire and the beginning of a new civilization, says an analyst.
Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:21PM
A political analyst says Russian president is standing up against West aggression, putting fear of God in New World Order.
Wed Mar 12, 2014 4:25PM
The circumstances surrounding a missing Malaysian airline is similar to those of the 9/11, says an analyst.
Sun Mar 9, 2014 5:12AM
Saudi designation of Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organization can wean MB off Saudi money and influence, an expert says.
Mon Mar 3, 2014 6:50AM
High-rise Safety Initiative will prove the official story about 9/11 is absurd, says an American political commentator.
Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:58AM
USA has declared war on democracy, says Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:39AM
An analyst says America is a nation paralyzed by fear as its leaders use Terror Management Theory to gain more power.
Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:14PM
An political analyst says most Americans are outraged at “Israelification” of the USA.
Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:11PM
The ensuing demand for justice is the real “apocalyptic threat” that will soon bring about the annihilation of the Zionist entity, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Fri Feb 7, 2014 9:19PM
When a bunch of terrorists get kicked out of al-Qaeda, we can assume that they are agent provocateurs, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Mon Feb 3, 2014 10:2AM
9/11 truth-seeker coach Pete Carroll’s team wins in the Super Bowl, providing a chance to promote the 9/11 truth movement, writes Kevin Barrett.
Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:40AM
Kevin Barrett reflects on how the US can pre-empt - in Dr. Michael Scheuer’s words - an “awful threat.”
Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:40AM
“Snowden’s secret” was around decades before Edward Snowden’s secret came to light, writes Kevin Barrett.
Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:47PM
Super Bowl XLVII, thanks to Pete Carroll, will help push 9/11 truth into the national limelight, said Kevin Barrett.
Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:59AM
Kevin Barrett says Takfiri extremists are fighting in a war that they have waged on Islam.
Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:12AM
Lying Zionists covered up Ariel Sharon’s horrendous words and deeds, writes Kevin Barrett.
Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:19AM
The West’s arrogance is fomenting tension in Syria, writes Kevin Barrett.
Tue Jan 7, 2014 2:34PM
The US today is neither a democratic republic nor a sovereign nation as it is controlled by the Israelis.
Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:4AM
False-flag attacks on Mideastern peoples are designed to divide them along sectarian lines, says Kevin Barrett.
Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:28AM
The New York Times’ White House correspondent withheld the truth about 9/11, writes Kevin Barrett.
Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:20AM
A new terror alliance is taking shape in the Middle East, writes Kevin Barrett.
Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:43AM
Kevin Barrett says economic cooperation is the road to Muslim unity.
Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:36AM
Takfiri fanaticism threatens both Islam – a religion of moderation and inclusion – and the world as a whole, writes Kevin Barrett.
Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:9PM
Kevin Barrett describes how false-flag talk goes mainstream after Hersh exposes lies on Syria.
Wed Dec 4, 2013 5:44AM
Israel is turning the Gaza Strip from a “concentration camp” to an “extermination camp,” writes Kevin Barrett.
Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:31AM
The West's nuclear deal with Iran poses a threat to Zionism, says Kevin Barrett.
Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:40AM
Israel’s nuclear arsenal poses a threat to the whole world, writes Kevin Barrett.
Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:37AM
Were the Zionists really in a position to set the JFK assassination wheels in motion? Kevin Barrett asks.
Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:4AM
The confessions of E. Howard Hunt are just one of the dozens “smoking guns” proving the CIA killed JFK, says Kevin Barrett.
Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:52AM
The wall around the World Trade Center neighborhoods aims to keep the truth from the Big Apple residents, writes Kevin Barrett.
Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:26AM
In reality, France is aligning itself with the money and power of Israel and Saudi Arabia, said Kevin Barrett.
Thu Nov 7, 2013 8:6AM
Kevin Barrett says Israel was founded on lies and its lies and expansionism threaten world peace.
Mon Nov 4, 2013 5:28AM
The New World Order is marked by public awareness about the lies and deceptions of hegemonic powers, writes Kevin Barrett.
Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:38AM
It is conspiracies, which are destroying democracy, not conspiracy theories, says Kevin Barrett.
Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:5AM
Israelis and Saudis have so much in common they should merge into the ‘Zio-Wahabbi Empire of Saudi Israelia,’ says Kevin Barrett.
Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:54AM
If Washington wants to win back respect, it needs to dump Israel, writes Kevin Barrett.
Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:27AM
Many prominent American journalists believe the US government is lying about the 9/11 incident, writes Kevin Barrett.
Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:30AM
The US continues to cover up the truth about 9/11 by intimidating and even murdering truth-seekers, writes Kevin Barrett.
Fri Oct 4, 2013 8:4AM
Islamophobia is a serious stumbling block to international peace, writes Kevin Barrett.
Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:46AM
US Mainstream media commit a holocaust of lies by sending truth to the gas chambers, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:52AM
The Israeli Likud extremists are panicking and their plans for war on Iran are slipping away, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:56AM
Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan is aptly named the “Prince of Terrorists,” writes Kevin Barrett.
Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:21AM
Obama and General Dempsey delivered a slap-down to neocons and Netanyahu over Syria, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:46AM
AIPAC and the rest of the Israel lobby are the only significant political force in the US that wants an attack on Syria, says Kevin Barrett.
Thu Sep 5, 2013 4:50AM
Dr. Kevin Barrett raises the possibility that Washington could be biding its time to create another 9/11 in Syria.
Sun Sep 1, 2013 7:49AM
US President Barack Obama has postponed World War III till next week, amid crisis in Syria, writes Dr. Kevin Barrett.
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